VR Spa by Portland Immersive Media Group

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Would you like to learn more about how new media artists are using virtual reality? Then don't miss this free VR event, held in PCM's lobby and HD Studios.

At this event, PCM will present the tech-savvy futurists of Portland Immersive Media Group, who will portal attendees through their surreal “VR Spa”—a patchwork of scratch-made 'scapes which they created using 3-D modeling software, Unity game engine and a host of high-end virtual reality hardware afforded to them by generous support from HTC Vive & Precipice Fund.

This physically-located live-streamed event will allow first-time and return users to inhabit room-scale virtual reality spaces envisioned by this entwined group of digital and new media artists. The event culminates a year-long exploration by Portland Immersive Media Group into virtual, augmented and mixed realities, wherein uncanny, fantastical and mundane realms were conjured from the digital void and then ruthlessly play-tested.

What to expect:

1.) Visit the VR Spa reception area, get your name in the queue and choose from our experience library:

--Animal Massage (Lisa Frank kittens pawing your face)
--Leafblower Man (high-powered leaf blower tire swing portal action)
--Mask Gallery (VR mask painting in a foreign bedroom enclave)
--The Rose Room (psychedelic hand tracers, midi-controlled floor sputtering)
--Ontology of Objects (3-D graveyard/junkyard retail outlet mall)
--Noctica (procedural low-poly meandering environmental music visualizer)
--Sky Baptism (absolution of sins/born again water boarding therapy)

2.) Watch a live mixed-reality video feed featuring attendees and Portland area artists while you meet and mingle.

3.) Learn about PIMG’s local VR lending library and about the history (and future) of VR from on-site aficionados.

4.) No simulator sickness! Step into the realm and let the OLED displays rejuvenate you!

Reception/decompression room DJ vibes provided by Soul Ipsum and Carly Barton.

Fee: Suggested donation of $5. Donations will go to the Bob Hedlund Scholarship Fund to support PIMG in taking classes at Portland Community Media.

Prerequisite: None

Age Group: 
All Ages
Workshop Fee: 
12/05/2016 - 6:00pm to 10:00pm